Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment do you accept? accepts check, money orders and the following credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express

Which cards can you use on

We accept the following credit cards (and other types of cards) as payment for your orders:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover Network
  • American Express
  • Visa or MasterCard check cards or ATM cards

You can use debit and check issued by the companies above as well as their standard credit cards. For example, if you are paying with a Visa Check Card please select Visa from the drop-down menu on the order form when indicating the card type. Similarly, if you are paying with a MasterMoney Card, select MasterCard.


Do you accept credit/debit cards from outside the United States?

Only credit/debit cards that are issued from financial institutions located in the United States will be accepted as forms of payment.

How can I tell if the item I want is in stock or on back order?

If a product is on backorder there will be a message when adding the flavor to your order.

May I place an order for items that are on back order?

You may still place an order for a product that is on back order, but the product will not ship until it is back in stock. If a group of items is purchased, the items that are currently in stock will still be shipped. You will only be charged for the products that have shipped.

What if my shipping and billing address are different?

You may use different shipping and billing addresses, as long as the default address on your account is the same as the billing address on your credit card.

How do I add an address to my account?

Log in to your account, and once on the My Account Page, click on Address Book. Select "Add New Address" and follow the directions to add a new address.

How far from their expiration date can you guarantee my products will be when they arrive?

As a rule, most products shipped through have six months or more remaining in their shelf life. The shortest time to expiration date for any product that can be shipped through is 2 months.*

*Exceptions such as this may occur in a low stock situation so that we can assure product is available to those who have a medical need for a certain product - for example - a metabolic formula.

I ordered a product and had it shipped to an incorrect address. Can I stop the shipment? Can I change an order once it is placed?

Most orders you place on enter the shipping process very quickly to ensure prompt delivery. Unfortunately, orders already in the shipping process cannot be modified.

You can view the order status by visiting the My orders section in the My Account Area. Please note that orders cancelled or declined will not be processed. For more information, contact Abbott Nutrition Store customer service at 1-800-258-7677 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST (Mon-Fri).

When do you actually charge someone's credit/debit card for an order? (Upon order or upon shipment?)

When you place an order with a credit/debit card on, we contact your cards issuing financial institution to confirm that your credit card has a valid number, and has not been reported as lost or stolen. This is communicated via a full authorization for the amount of the purchase.

If you make changes to your order, cancel items, or a multiple-item order ships in more than one shipment, your card may be authorized for each change and funds may be reserved against your account for each authorization. Some financial institutions have been known to hold these authorizations for 7-10 business days.

The actual charge to your card is not processed until the order has shipped from our facility.

I am noticing more than one charge on my account, but I have only placed one order! Why am I seeing multiple charges?

What you are seeing in your account is a result of the financial institution’s policy regarding what they call a Pending Transaction. Even when no charge is actually made, the financial institution will hold the funds as "pending" in anticipation of the expected charge. Different financial institutions have different policies regarding this type of transaction.

The following is a general definition as provided by one such financial institution. Your institution may have a different policy, so we would recommend contacting your personal financial institution for further details.

Credit Card Pending Transactions

A Pending Transaction is an item that has not yet posted to your account, but is pending and therefore held against your available credit. Normally, a pending item converts into a posted transaction, but if a merchant does not complete the transaction it will expire and the temporary funds hold will be removed. Some merchants such as gas stations will only authorize your account for $1.00; however, the transaction will post to your account for the total amount of your purchase. If you see a transaction listed as pending that has already posted to your account, it will no longer have an effect on your available credit, however it will continue to display as a Pending Transaction for 7 days from the transaction date.

What if my credit card was declined?

To protect your security and privacy, your financial institution cannot provide Abbott Nutrition with information about why your payment was declined. Because of this, you most likely will need to contact your financial institution directly to solve most payment issues.

How do I return a product?

You may return most new, unopened items sold and fulfilled by within 60 days of delivery for a full refund. We will also pay the return shipping costs if the return is a result of our error. Items should be returned in their original product packaging. For more information on returning a product, contact Abbott Nutrition Store customer service at 1-800-258-7677.

Also visit the Returns section in Shipping and Returns. 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST (Mon-Fri).

Receiving a Refund

We will request a refund after we receive and process your return. For items returned to our warehouse, you may expect your refund within 4 weeks of giving your package to the return shipper (though in many cases you will receive the refund sooner).

This time period includes:

  • 5 to 10 business days for us to receive your return from the shipper
  • 3 to 5 business days for us to process your return
  • The time it takes your financial institution to process our refund request

Why did I receive a charge on my credit card from Abbott Laboratories?

Glucerna is an Abbott brand, manufactured by Abbott Laboratories. All charges from will be processed by Abbott Laboratories.

Some additional helpful information...

GlucernaStore Customer Service can help you:

  • Verify if you entered your payment information correctly on your order.
  • Cancel your order.
  • Change the shipping address on an order that is not already processed.

Contact your financial institution to resolve payment issues even if:

  • You have successfully used the payment method on a previous order.
  • Part of your order has already charged and shipped successfully.
  • You have funds available in your financial institution or credit account to cover the order cost.

Here are steps you can take to resolve payment issues:

  • Contact your financial institution about payment security policies. Your financial institution may flag any unexpected activity on your account. This includes first time orders and high value purchases, regardless of the amount of funds available (or credit limit). Your financial institution may require your verbal authorization to proceed with a transaction.
  • Contact your financial institution about daily withdrawal or purchase limits. Most financial institutions have limits on how much money can be charged or accessed in a single day. If you exceed this daily amount, your financial institution may block your account from any further activity regardless of available funds in the account. Your financial institution may require you to request a higher purchase limit to complete the transaction.
  • Contact your financial institution about payment authorizations and reserved funds. If your payment is declined due to lack of available funds, contact your financial institution to confirm if the reserved funds are authorizations, verify the amount of time they hold authorizations, and request that they remove any extra authorizations to free up funds in your account.
  • Verify the payment information entered on your order. Did your billing address change recently or did you get a new card with a new expiration date? If you used a payment method already on Your Account, you may simply need to update to the most current information. If you entered a new payment method, make sure you entered the number and other information correctly. Visit the Payment Details section of the Order Summary page when you checkout to update the payment information on an open order.